Life Insurance

You may not always be around to take care of your family. And that is when a Insurance plan ensures your family is well protected and your Financial goals are met.

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What Is Life Insurance

Life insurance refers to the legally binding contract between a policyholder and an insurance company that provides financial protection to his / her family. The insurer promises to offer the insurance benefit in exchange for regular premiums paid by the life insured. The financial protection under life insurance is provided in the form of life cover, also known as sum assured. It is a pre-agreed amount that is payable in case of an untoward incident with the life insured.

For the life insurance contract to be enforceable and life insurance quotes to be accurate, your application must accurately disclose your current and past health conditions. Also, you need to pay a single premium or regular premiums as chosen when buying life insurance. You can estimate the life insurance quotes for your financial profile by using the insurance calculator.

Benefits of Life Insurance

Peace Of Mind

Life insurance can offer peace of mind, helping to ensure that your debts or loved ones will be financially taken care of in the event of your death.

Tax Benefits

Under section 80C, premiums that you pay towards a life insurance policy qualify for a deduction up to ?1.5 lakh, while Section 10(10D) makes income on maturity tax-free if the premium is not more than 10% of the sum assured or the sum assured is at least 10 times the premium.

Accomplish Your Goals

Goal-setting is one thing, but achieving them is another. Right financial products, such as life insurance.

Retirement Planning

Insurance is an ideal retirement planning instrument for individuals with low risk appetite and those who seek assured income.

Types Of Life Insurance

Pension Plan

A pension plan is a retirement fund that you build throughout your life to ensure an income source.

Child Plan

A Child Education Plan is an insurance plan that helps you protect your savings and safeguard your child's future.

Term Plan

You may not always be around to take care of your family. And that is when a Insurance plan ensures your family is well protected and your Financial goals are met.

Endowment Policy

Endowment plans provide both insurance and investment benefits. An endowment policy can be used by you to build a risk-free savings corpus, while providing financial protection for family in case of an unfortunate event.

Ulip Plan

A unit-linked insurance plan is a product unlike a pure insurance policy, gives investors both insurance and market linked investment under a single integrated plan.

Money Back Plan

This policy is suitable for risk-averse individuals who wish to save through an insurance plan and also maintain liquidity throughout.

Life Insurance FAQ Guide

Life insurance is a contract between an insurance company and the insured whereby the company guarantees payment of an agreed amount (called death benefit) to the named nominee if something untoward happens during the policy period or at the end of the policy, termed as maturity. The insured needs to pay regular premiums to the insurance company for the policy to be valid.

If you buy life insurance, you are doing it for the financial security of your family, which relies on you, and to get multiple benefits such as tax exemption and planning for your child's higher education.

In general, beneficiaries and insured persons can make a life insurance claim in either of the two following cases: (a) if something untoward happens to the person for whom the insurance policy has been taken, and (b) the policy matures. You need to inform the insurer, fill in the relevant forms, and submit the documents requested.

It is the money that the policy buyer pays the insurance company on a regular basis (monthly, twice a year, or annually) in lieu of the guarantee of the death benefit.

Documents Required For Life Insurance

  • Age Proof-

    Birth Certificate, 10th or 12th mark sheet, Driving License, Passport, Voter ID, etc.(Any one)

  • Identity Proof-

    Driving License, Passport, Voter ID, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, which proves ones citizenship

  • Address Proof-

    Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Ration Card, Driving License, Passport, should clearly mention the permanent address

  • Income Proof-

    income proof specifying the income of the person buying the insurance

  • Proposal Form-

    duly filled in proposal form is required

  • Medical Tests-

    Some companies may require medical check-up in order to make sure that the insured does not suffer from any chronic illness.

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